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Pushing: On the U in AEIOU

MK Lees describes the psychological dimensions of organizing. I have seen so much misunderstanding in the IWW when it comes to the “U” in AEIOU. Some people think it’s AEIO = U. You Agitate, Educate, Inoculate, and Organize and then you get a Union. This

A radical proposal to save auto jobs

Last year, General Motors announced its plan to close an auto assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario, as well as four others in the US. Workers at the plant are represented by Unifor. Here, Bruce Allen criticizes Unifor’s “fightback” against General Motors’ plan, and suggests a

How to socialize the workplace

Roger Williams, an education worker, talks about building social relationships with coworkers, to lay the foundation for organizing. In my first job after finishing college, I worked at a preppy private summer school in Los Angeles located two blocks from the mayor’s mansion. I was

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