Beware the one-man organizing show

The goal of this website is to help all of us become better organizers. That’s why we don’t shy away from criticism: we have to learn the lessons from hard-won experience — really learn them, and grow stronger. Today, that criticism means airing a bit

Strike wave in Mexico

Ray Valentine interviews Patrick Cuninghame, a History and Sociology lecturer at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM) in Mexico City, about the strike wave in Mexico this year. The strikes started in Matamoros, among workers in maquiladoras (assembly plants), and later spread to seven universities, including

A radical proposal to save auto jobs

Last year, General Motors announced its plan to close an auto assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario, as well as four others in the US. Workers at the plant are represented by Unifor. Here, Bruce Allen criticizes Unifor’s “fightback” against General Motors’ plan, and suggests a

On Raiding

Nick Driedger talks about what is at stake when one union tries to “raid” another, in other words steal its membership. A lot of people feel that if everyone in the labour movement could just get along, we would be stronger. The IWW, too, uses

How Montreal Freelancers Are Organizing

I recently sat down with three members of a union in Montreal organizing freelance workers such as translators and journalists. Hannah, Selena and Pauline are members of S’ATTAQ, the “Syndicat des Travailleuses et Travailleurs Autonomes du Québec” — i.e. “Quebec freelancers union” — an organization

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