CUNY Adjuncts Vs. Everybody

Things are heating up at CUNY, where a campaign to double the wages of adjunct instructors has pitted a group of adjuncts and their supporters against both the university administration, and the leadership of their union, the Professional Staff Congress (PSC). The “$7k or strike”

How to socialize the workplace

Roger Williams, an education worker, talks about building social relationships with coworkers, to lay the foundation for organizing. In my first job after finishing college, I worked at a preppy private summer school in Los Angeles located two blocks from the mayor’s mansion. I was

Why don’t strikes achieve more?

Last week social media and web publications were filled with triumphant celebration of the strike at Stop & Shop, which saw some 31,000 workers off the job, and then of its resolution with a new collective agreement. There has been considerable excitement on the left lately about

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