Workers at a cooperative refinery walk the picket line

Workers at the Co-operative Refinery Complex in Regina, Saskatchewan have been locked out for two weeks, after serving the employer with job action notice. Marianne Garneau interviews Kevin Bittman, refinery worker and president of the union local

Why Do Coops Hate Unions?

Marianne Garneau spoke to workers in over a dozen grocery cooperatives across the U.S. and Canada to produce this report on coops’ exploitation of workers and history of union-busting.

What are strikes really about? A reply to Dionne Pohler

Nick Driedger and Marianne Garneau respond to an editorial in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix about the strike at the Saskatoon Co-op. In a recent editorial in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Dionne Pohler, a professor at […]

Grocery workers refuse a two-tier wage system

The Saskatoon Co-op is a consumer cooperative grocery with multiple locations in and around Saskatoon, SK. Workers are represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1400. They have been without a contract for two […]

The IWW Campaign at Good Earth Food Co-op

John D talks about the six years he has spent working and organizing at a grocery coop in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I landed a job at the Good Earth Food Co-op in August 2012. I […]