“There Oughta Be a Law”

Catherine Kemp and Marianne Garneau argue that law doesn’t advance social progress, but instead tries to halt the power struggles that do.

When they say jump

A maintenance worker with the Toronto Transit Commission describes a recent uneventful job action called by union leadership.

Labor law doesn’t advance class struggle, the end

Nick Driedger argues two provocative points: that “the purpose of labor law is to condition non-militant unions into existence” and that “union contracts are a way of creating a tiered labor law for different parts of the workforce.”

A tighter embrace

While some parts of Canadian labor law are the envy of the American left, Marianne Garneau argues that overall Canada’s system draws unions into a tighter embrace with employers

Unions by the numbers

According to a recent survey, 42% of workers would like to belong to a union. Nick Driedger talks about would it take to get to 42% union density.