Direct action keeps us safe

A restaurant worker describes how he and his coworkers have used direct action to enforce safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic

An organizing dilemma

A restaurant worker reflects on using direct action versus legal strategies for fighting the employer, drawing on his experience organizing at a vegan restaurant in Montreal.

ROC Confidential

Jean-Carl Elliott describes his disillusionment working for Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), and why non-profits are a dead-end for worker power.

Movie Review: The Hand that Feeds (2015)

I’m not so naïve as to say that everything you need to know about organizing in the workplace can be learned in 83 minutes, but whether you’re a seasoned organizer or just a pissed off […]

You Can’t Organize From The Outside: Stella’s

Patrick McGuire recounts a short-lived IWW campaign at a restaurant in Winnipeg in 2002, which has recently hit the headlines again as former staff blow the whistle on ongoing harassment. Interview by Marianne Garneau. Tell […]