Category: Reporting

How Montreal Freelancers Are Organizing

I recently sat down with three members of a union in Montreal organizing freelance workers such as translators and journalists. Hannah, Selena and Pauline are members of S’ATTAQ, the “Syndicat des Travailleuses et Travailleurs Autonomes du Québec” — i.e. “Quebec freelancers union” — an organization

CUNY Adjuncts Vs. Everybody

Things are heating up at CUNY, where a campaign to double the wages of adjunct instructors has pitted a group of adjuncts and their supporters against both the university administration, and the leadership of their union, the Professional Staff Congress (PSC). The “$7k or strike”

Why Do Coops Hate Unions?

Marianne Garneau spoke to workers in over a dozen grocery cooperatives across the U.S. and Canada to produce this report on coops’ exploitation of workers and history of union-busting. We like to think of grocery cooperatives as islands of progressivism in an otherwise ruthless capitalist

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