Wobcast 9: William Z Foster

Nick Driedger discusses the life and ideas of William Z. Foster, taking a critical look at his ideas about “boring from within” and the “militant minority” as it relates to union strategies.

Wobcast 8 – Class Struggle Unionism

In the latest episode of the Organizing Work podcast, a joint episode with Laborwave Radio, Marianne Garneau and Alex Riccio talk to Joe Burns about his new book, Class Struggle Unionism.

Wobcast #7 – Peter Cole

Marianne Garneau interviews Peter Cole, author of Ben Fletcher: The Life and Times of a Black Wobbly, now out in its second edition from PM Press.

Wobcast #6: Talking Politics

In the sixth episode of our podcast, site publisher Garneau and contributing editor Nick Driedger talk about politics: what it is, whether workplace organizing is political, and where working class power lies.

Wobcast #4: Crises, elections, and working class power

In the fourth episode of the Organizing Work podcast, Nick Driedger and Marianne Garneau talk about the coronavirus crisis, the defeat of Bernie Sanders, and what both mean for the labor movement and for the […]