Wobcast 8 – Class Struggle Unionism

In the latest episode of the Organizing Work podcast, a joint episode with Laborwave Radio, Marianne Garneau and Alex Riccio talk to Joe Burns about his new book, Class Struggle Unionism.

Swedish unions, why do we suck?

Swedish unions’ ability to defend workers’ interests is declining, argues Rasmus Hästbacka, showing that high union density is no guarantee of strength or militancy.

Let’s find alternatives to striking

Rasmus Hästbacka and Kristian Falk of the Swedish syndicalist union SAC argue for a third path between the “consensus fundamentalism” of mainstream labor bureaucracy, and a “fixation on strikes” among the grassroots, namely re-learning how to build pressure within the workplace.

Zombies need a union

Chelsea Harris reviews an episode of CBS’s Evil in which workers attempt to organize a union at an Amazon-like company.